Metals, metals, and more metals – they are everywhere!! They persist in our environment like no other as they are in our soils, food, and products. So, how can you detox from these you ask???  Read on. 


Nutritionally. Start taking one or all of these daily. Here are some of my favorites: 

  • Spirulina. A standard daily dose is 1-3 grams. I throw a 1 tsp into my smoothies daily 
  • Chlorella. A standard daily dose is 1-3 grams.
  • Atlantic dulse. I throw 1 tsp in my smoothies daily. 
  • Barley grass juice powder. I throw 1 tsp in my smoothies daily. 
  • Cilantro
  • Wild blueberries. Again, into the smoothie.
  • Lemon water. I squeeze 1/2 lemon into warm water every morning before eating. Lemon water has lots of benefits.
  • Probiotics


Water. Please do your body a favorite and filter your water. Water feeds every cell of our body and our water is not pure, folks. Invest into yourself and buy a water filter.

—> We invested into the Berkey Filter system as it removes  200 contaminants including viruses, bacteria, metals, pharmaceutical drugs, inorganic minerals, chlorine, etc. 


Product-wise. I recommend downloading the Environmental Working Group’s “Healthy Livingapp or the Think Dirtyapp. You can scroll categories from dishwashing soap to sunscreen to find “clean” options. They will tell you ingredients and rate the level of toxicity for each product. I could not function without these! Products are expensive so do what you can, when you can.