Our Story

These real estate investors got burned and bruised at a young age but that didn’t stop them. Emily & Travis turned their bad experience to help other buyers/sellers get better service & results. They created a successful real estate business despite financial hardship and overcoming cancer all by their mid-30s. This powerhouse couple doesn’t take no for an answer and pushes themselves through every obstacle. This is exactly how they approach every client’s goal, they push for the best they can get for their clients.


Although raised by a long line of entrepreneur’s, Emily studied the environment and received a Bachelors of Arts of Environmental Studies with an Aquatic & Fishery Sciences minor at University of Washington. She loves our God-given Puget Sound natural landscape and does what she can to be a good steward of the land. After 2 short years of graduating UW and working at the Department of Ecology, she yearned for more challenge and had new dreams – of real estate!

She started in 2008 when real estate was tanking, but that did not stop her! She learned how to sell the right way, nothing came easy in that market especially when you were brand new and at a ripe age of 26. She and Travis had obtained 4 properties by then so although she was young, she was experienced.

It was the experience of purchasing their properties that actually drove them to become full service Brokers. They had purchased a rental property without any buyer representation and learned lots of lessons about how a buyer SHOULD NOT be handled during a real estate transaction. They got burned from their early real estate experiences and decided THEY could do better for others out there, hence their mission statement

Emily was in the top 10 of producers in her office immediately and then she brought over her husband, Travis, who had been in sales for 10 years and they doubled their business. Travis brought candid negotiation skills to the team and has created a impressive seller process where our average client receives 1-3% more than other sellers.


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Our Mission Statement:

Driven to Educate, Exceed Expectations, Determined to get Results

The Morris Real Estate Group believes in educating buyers and sellers by equipping them with the knowledge to make confident decisions. With a passion to exceed customer service expectations, we utilize our strong negotiation skills to achieve the very best for our clients in order to become the team they trust.